Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hari Ulang Tahun Kelahiran Ayahanda

Asasalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)
Salam Maal Hijrah, still in mood enthusiastic for new Hijrah year, isn’t it?  :D
OK dayssss ago, last  24th November was actually my ayah’s birthday. His 63rd Birthday :)
Honestly I don’t really know what to give him, sebelum2 ni dah selalu bg baju dan sebagainya, tp biasa lah, die selesa pakai baju lama dia. “-_-  so, I’ve decided to give him something special, something custom, something only me can give him. So tadaaa! I’ve made him a birthday card! I don’t remember when was the last time I’ve made my own hand-made card.

Skill pun takde. Tapi cuba-cuba jugak la. It took me days to finish that card. Hampir seminggu bilik bersepah dgn kertas-kertas. Masa kat office dah terbayang-bayang how the card would look like, bile da balik, terus penat, sentuh sikit 10 minit, lepas tu tidur. So that’s why it took a very long time to finish it.
Then, tunggu 3 hari cuti baru boleh pos. and now I’m so nervous whether he already received it or not, and how would he think about the birthday card. And of course, hasilnya tidaklah secantik mana “-_- banyak lagi nak kena prektis hehe :)

And ouh, I’ve wrote a poem for my dad. I’m not sure if its qualified to be called as a poem, hahah :P
But the most important thing is, I wrote him a poem by myself, pouring myself out, describing my feeling on paper. That’s not easy man!

So, that’s it. I’m going to share a few pictures of my card, and my “poem” ..
Sekali lagi, Happy Belated Birthday, Ayah! I Love You, and thank you so much! <3

 the 'poem' , kalau tak nampak klik bg large :)

Sampul dan cover depan kad (yg bahagian dalam malu nak tunjuk :P) 

Chot dan birthday card Tok die heehee :)

Dan, lagu tema : Butterfly fly away - Miley Cyrus 

Maka berakhirlah sudah entry saya kali ni.
saya berjanji akan berusaha menjadi anak yg lebih baik, Insya Allah.
Thank you for reading, take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga :)
With lots of Lurve,


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hachiko ; faithful dog

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)

Semalam saya menonton movie Hachiko.
Ini berdasarkan kisah benar. Tentang seekor anjing di Jepun yang setia menunggu tuan nya
setiap hari di stesen keretapi.

Kisah benar ini telah difilemkan di Jepun pada tahun 1987. Dan telah di re-make oleh Hollywood pada tahun 2009 dan dibintangi oleh Richard Gere.

Sekiranya anda berminat nak menonton, sy cadangkan anda 'download' yang Hollywood punya; Hachi : A Dog's Tale. <- Click Here. Disebabkan yang Jepun's version tu dah lama. nak cari subtitle pun susah. quality cerita zaman dulu pun tak macam sekarang, takut anda bosan.
anyway both movies berkonsepkan yang sama iaitu anjing yang setia menunggu tuan nya.

When it comes to animal stories, generally/basically cerita tu konpem sedih. so watching the movie makes me cry my eyes and heart out. I used to watch Marley & Me and its the same. I cry and cry and cry. Marley & Me (click here!) is also a story about dog. 

Well, dog is always known as a man's best friend. and loyal. there's something in dog behaviour that can't be seen in other animals. I love dogs but I'm scared of them "-_-
Maybe when I was little I have experienced been chased by dog or maybe I just dreamt of it :P

Anyway, saya sangat men-suggest-kan anda menonton cerita ini dan mengetahui kesudahannya sendiri. walaupun kita fikir ia hanya lah seekor binatang. but there IS something about it yang sangat menyentuh perasaan kita. So, watch the movie! :)

And having Chot yang menunggu depan pintu setiap hari dah cukupla untuk berangan itu adalah Hachi, tp versi pemalas, grumpy dan fussy. *sigh*
Oh ya, untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang the Real Hachiko, boleh wikipedia, <- click here! Dan ini adalah gambar sebenar beliau :)

Oleh itu, selamat menonton :)
Sayangi dan hormatilah haiwan-haiwan di sekeliling anda. (well maybe, except pest! :P)
If you own a pet, take a good care of them. jaga elok-elok. jangan tak bg makan. Kat US ade animal cops yang akan saman org yang tak jaga binatang (mostly anjing) diorang. kat channel Animal Planet ade cerita dia. more info, click here!

So, saya berundur diri dulu. Thank you for reading.
Take care of yourself and your pet(s) :D
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga.
With lots of Lurve,


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cerita Bergambar - Sempena Cuti Raya Haji :D

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
A week after Hari Raya Qurban/Haji , I finally have the time to write this, and I want to share a few pictures during my Raya break.

Macam biasa, raya balik kampong. But not all my family members here this time. My oldest sister is still in Mecca. My second sister balik kampong suami, and my fourth sister in Sarawak, but now it’s already school holiday so she’s in Kuantan. So on that hari raya, there’s only four of us, my dad, mak ngah and my third sister. The truth is, I didn’t feel like it’s Raya at all. I just felt that it is just some random weekend and I can have a good rest.

Well.. I went to surau and watch the lembu qorban. And take a few pictures, but I didn’t stay there long to avoid any unpleasant emotion hehe :P so, here’s the pictures :

Any last words? :P
 My father, the Pengerusi :)

 Dah berjaya ditumbangkan..

 Besar pahala awak, lembu

 Surau tanah tumpahnya darahku.. and the cows "-_-
And also, me and my girlfriends, we went out and have a lunch at Monrods, Kuantan. Here’s their facebook, Monrods <- Click Here! (ada banyak cawangan restoran ni, boleh search sendiri ye) And... karaoke after :P
Just take a look at the picta will ya? :D ( dah malas nak cerita panjang2 “-_-)
ok let me clear this, most gambar bawah2 ni memang fake.. pose yg fake :P dan niat show-off boleh dihidu "-_-

 Ummi :)

 Zahidah said : "Loser!" :P

 Isteri mithali bekerjaya, Kdy :P

 memang nak show-off makan kat mana pon. :P

 Pelakon tambahan boleh laaa haha

 Ni pelakon utama menang oscar :D

 Hidangan pilihan saya. Chicken Chop dan Monrods ice blended.

 Yeayy! sebelum makan dengan makanan masing-masing. terima kasih brader yg tolong amik gambar :)

Depan kedai, show-off lagi :P thanks again kat brader /pekerja situ yg baik hati nak tolong amik gambar :D

 Sesi karaoke pulak. Ni Zahidah Raffali :P

 Sakit tekak sudaaa hehe :P

 Zahidah Rafali dgn Ummi Najwa :D

 Zahidah Rafali dgn Yuna Laila. haha! :P

So, that's it! cerita bergambar untuk kali ni.
thank you for reading, take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga.
With lots of Lurve,


Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Hectic Life – All In One!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
Teeheeeheee! Lama sungguh ye tak menulis, terasa sedikit kekok pula hendak menaip :P
Banyak habuk-habuk dan semak samun yg perlu dibersihkan di blog ini hehehe..

I’ve been missing for almost two months. The truth is, I’ve been busy. If only I could type/write my blog by just opening the word and think of what I’m gonna say without using my hands “-_- But I’m no magician/witch/psikik.

I’ve actually start my work, no, actually start training since after Raya Aidil Fitri. I work at a very nice company, and yes a good boss/employer (I’ve been experienced a few not so good boss before and finally I can work at ease) :D They’re very kind to me and they teach me well. I did have a difficult and lot of works sometimes but it didn’t put me in a very stressful condition, so far laa :)
So it took me a very long time to adapt in this ‘kehidupan bekerja’. I went home feeling tired, battling with times, weekend is such a short moment and whatever laa. Sebelum ni menganggur sepanjang hari baring-baring online, malam-malam berdating but now, nak dating pun penat haha “-_-
But Alhamdulilah, everything is fine now, I can wake up early easily, I can sleep late at night without feeling very tired, I can still kemas rumah or have a date at night and not yawning too much at the office the day after hihihi :P

So while I’m gone busy, there are few things happened and few things that I did, so I’m just going to sumbat-sumbat all the stories in this entry ye. :P

Ermm.. KL Festival City, a new shopping complex is finally open at Danau! Haha! New place to hang out, and ade kedai-kedai best, my favorite is Kaison, sells accessories for home :) cantik-cantik, murah-murah sekarang tgh opening sale! :D and also, ada kedai Cotton On! Tp coming soon, hehe! :D lepas tu ade kedai game which is Nyet’s favorite place while I’m busy searching for a nice flower pot at Kaison haha :P

OK next, I’ve watched In Time movie, starring Justin Timberlake (my ex-bf :P) and Amanda Seyfried (did I spelled her name correctly? “-_-)  the movie is about a future, and time is the currency. People who rich can have many times and can live forever, and people who is poor and don’t have time, die young. It was cool to watch Justin Timberlake in an action/fiction movie. He might not very good at acting but I know deeply that he tried his best and put a large effort in making the movie successful :D yeaayyy to Mr JT! <3

Erm what else? Ouh, my best friend, Nur Syaadah’s wedding on last 22nd October. I will make an entry about that after this, Insya Allah. I finally do some rebranding for photography job and we’re now officially named Chot Photography, and doing Syaadah’s wedding is our first official job, yeayy to me! I really hope that we can expand this business and be successful, Ameen! So, keep watching this space to see the pictures! :3

And, on 30th October ago, I went to my first photography workshop/class for beginner! Yeayy again!! Haha :P The workshop was organized by Odisi Studio. Do you still remember them? They organize Iftar with Maria Elena before. You can read the entry here <-  so I learned the basic things in using a camera, the basic techniques and so on. And somehow now I am in a very good spirit of learning and experimenting in photography. I’ll show a few pictures I take during our class and after class. :D

So, that’s it for my sumbat-sumbat stories! I have a lot of things and self-project to do in a future and I really hope I can win this battle with time. I have so much things to say but I don’t really have the time to write *sigh*. I even promised a special someone to make video tutorial for her :D I just need to make a good script and produced a good video without showing any humiliating part of me in the video haha! :P

And Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! From me and family! ouh ya, my oldest sister is now in Mecca performing her Hajj, lets pray for her as well :D and now I’m at my hometown resting in peace because I can just be lazy all day and not thinking about work, only for this weekend hihihh..
Selamat menunaikan ibadah korban, selamat menziarahi saudara mara dan sahabat handal :D
Ampun maaf zahir dan batin! See ya next time!

So here’s the picta! And please don’t kutuk-kutuk me or judge me, if you have an honest opinion and advice you can pm me on facebook, thank you!

 This one, stolen from Odisi Studio page :)
Upacara bergambar ramai-ramai selesai workshop bersama sijil masing-masing, find me! haha. (yg tutup muka :P)

This one actually, after class. First time try miniature effect belajar kat internet :P
memang tak menjadi, kalo first try menjadi, photographer lain takleh cari makan la haha :P

During class! peserta-peserta lain tengah khusyuk ambil gambar model :)

 Model jemputan, Tasha :)
Also my first time shooting talent. one of my favorite picture.

Her half body! curve tu mahal ok! :P

My favorite picture also. Tasha in leaf framing :D

 My most favorite picture! she really connect with the lens right? :D :D

So, if you noticed the watermark, Lailatakesphotos, just like Yuna's heheeh! I wanna be like Yuna! working hard as a singer and still spend time for her passion in photography, fashion and so on! multi-talent lah! :D here's Yuna's link : yunatakesphotos <- click here! and yeah! I have a tumblr also, recently active. nothing private there, just something a little personal <3 Click here!!

The End! Take care and senyum lebar sampai ke telinga!
makan daging beringat yee <- cakap kat diri sendiri :P
Thank you for reading! see ya next time, 
With lots of Lurve,


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Attack of Laser Warzone! and a sweet wish :)

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)

So last Thursday, we finally had a chance to redeem the voucher for laser warzone games. (After a tragedy like I’ve told you before) and that was one day before its expired date haha :P There are four of us, Nyet and his two friends, Pehnom and Wan (I’ll show you pictures later)
OK the vouchers/coupon I’ve bought it from Milkadeal  <- Click Here! (I am a huge fan of buying vouchers at Milkadeal “-_-)

But first, do you know what laser tag is?
It is basically a combat game just like paintball but you don’t use bullet and get hurt, it’s using laser lah.
You will be equipped with sort of jacket and it got sensor on it and when you got shot at the sensor, it will vibrate and you lost the ability to shoot others for a few seconds. Hah! Sounds interesting right? :D
Well you can read more at Wikipedia >- Click Here! And do some more googling :) And if you watched the series of “How I met your mother”, you’ll know that guy Barney play this too! And basically, whatever this guy Barney did, it’ll always come with awesomeness! Haha :P

Wokay, so the voucher includes 50% percent off of three sessions at Laser Warzone <- More info about Laser Warzone Click Here! Laser Warzone is located in i-City Shah Alam. since its our first time, we have to go through some briefing first, they’ll teach us how to use the equipment and told us some rules in the battle area.
Some of the rules are no running, which I did all the time “-_- and no swearing, which I slipped a little bit “-_-
The battle area is so cool, and the marshal is kind, they also got some place for corporate events or birthday party.

So each session is 10 minutes play. That is absolutely not a short time OK! I was very exhausted by the running and screaming! For the first two session I ran out in the middle of the battle just to go and find some water haha :P the last session we make a team of two and one less people to shoot so, not that tired anymore :D and ouh, this is an important thing to be told, I’ve WON the first place from the three battle, I meant, I WON ALL THE THREE BATTLE SESSION.  Yeehaaa! (well don’t make me repeat this :P) That is, something to tell to the grandchildren! LOL

At first we didn’t assume this is going to be THAT challenging and exhausting, we came out from each session, sweating and mengah-mengah, semput-semput hahah (and my lenguh-lenguh kaki still last for days, akibat tak bersenam “-_-)
 We don’t really have much time to take pictures as we all busy being tired :P But here it is, a few pictures :D

Ini Nyet :D 
 Ini Pehnom :D kejam nih "-_-

 Ini Wan :D main acah acah je kat bear tu :P

The Warriors! :P

Ini markah! Eliminator, thats me! but this is the last session's points. for first session my points/marks
is way higher, 3000 something!! :D :D (memang kembang hidung yg da kembang! :P)

 This is Charlie's Angel pose! yeebaa~ :D

So that's it! we'll come back for sure, and I'll take more interesting photos. Do come and experience this!! boleh kurus tauu sebab bersukan :P See ya next time!

At last, but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my dearest friend, Rabiatol Adawiyah, Congratulation on her wedding :D She is one my friend since school and she is definitely my partner in crime hahah. So Congrats Botol!! (that was a name I gave to her, jahat kan :P) Sorry gambar tak cantik sbb amik guna ipod je, kamera gedabak tukar shift bekerja :P

OK guys, that's all for now.
Thank you for reading. take a good care of yourself,
senyum lebar sampai ke telinga,
with lots of Lurve,


Monday, 26 September 2011

ajal maut di tangan Allah

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)
How are you? Hopefully everything is fine, Insya Allah :)
Alhamdulillah, sekarang ni kite masih lg bernafas, dapat menikmati kehidupan.

Disini saya ingin berkongsi suatu kejadian kekuasaan Allah.
Pada weekend yang lalu saya bercadang untuk redeem voucher bermain laser tag yang telah lama dibeli tapi tak redeem-redeem lagi sampai dah nak expired date. (ini memang habit saya; last minute)
Saya dan Nyet saya, telah pun bersetuju untuk bermain pd hari sabtu, saya pun suruhla Nyet ni ajak kawan-kawan dia memandangkan saya juga telah membeli voucher lebih. Maka  Nyet pon mengajak seorang rakan nye di facebook, dan rakannya itu bersetuju. Tetapi masih ade voucher yang lebih dan tidak dapat cari seorang lg pemain, maka kami pun bercadanglah untuk postpone ke hari ahad. Yang rakannya tadi pun bersetuju utk postpone pd hari ahad.

Setibanya hari ahad, Nyet pun buka lah facebook untuk mengkonfirmkan kembali kehadiran rakannya seperti yang dijanjikan pd hari sebelumnya. Tetapi, lain pula berita yang diterima, ketika Nyet buka page rakannya itu, ada beberapa ucapan takziah kepada rakannya, dan difahamkan rakannya telah pun meninggal dunia pada lewat malam sabtu. Innalillah.

Memang tersangat terkejutlah kami pada ketika itu. Saya tidak pernah pon berjumpa arwah, setakat dengar-dengar cerita je, tapi saya turut rasa sebaknya. Bayangkanlah, hari ni elok je kita komen2 kat facebook, ajak berjumpa, lepas tu esok dapat tau dah meninggal dunia. Itulah, ajal maut di tangan Allah. Kalau Allah nak tarik nyawa, bila-bila masa je. Terdetik di hati saya, bagaimana lah pula nasib saya, iman belum cukup lagi nih, nak solat pun masih liat-liat. Astaghfirullah. Saya berdoa supaya Allah tetapkan hati saya untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik kelak,dan jauhkan saya dari segala kesilapan saya yang lalu :(

Marilah sama-sama doakan arwah dikalangan orang-orang yg mukmin, Amin.

Dan oh, pasal laser tag tu saya tak redeem pun lagi, saya tak mampu nak teruskan aktiviti seperti dirancang, rasa sungguh ralat. Ade juga terpikir, kalaulah malam sabtu tu, rancangan kitorang tu menjadi, lepas main laser tag mungkin arwah dah penat dan terus balik rumah dan tidur, mungkin arwah masih hidup lagi. Tapi tu sekadar “kalau lah”.. Inilah bukti kekuasaan Allah.Kita sebagai hamba perlu redha dan terima segala takdir yg telah ditentukan.

Saya cuma mampu jadikan ini sebagai peringatan dan pengajaran utk saya dan saya juga hanya mampu cuba menyampaikan dan berkongsi kepada pembaca. Itu sahajalah yang mampu saya ceritakan kali ini.

Terima kasih kerana membaca.
 Take care of yourself,
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga
(I hope there’s nothing wrong when I told you to smile after I told about a death)
“Birth and death; we all move between these two unknowns. “ -Bryant H. McGill

With lots of Lurve, 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Babbling.. My Fantasy Dream Guy

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)
Fuhhhhh~ fuhhhh~ (tiup-tiup habuk kat blog) :P
I’m sorry but I don’t have any very interesting stories lately.

But this time I’m going to babbling. Hahah. About my fantasy ideal dream guy! Kakkoiiii~
I used to love all the sweet kawaii things we usually see in Japanese drama or cartoons (Anime) when I still teenagers <- I am not teenager anymore *sigh*
But when I get older I realized that it all just a fantasy *sigh again*

Well some dramas are amazing and great but we mostly know Anime is full of sweet and romance :)
OK tolak lah cerita Naruto atau Bleach or any other action-packed series yang mungkin romantic scene tak banyak “-_-

Hurm, kalau tengok 715 tu memang ada banyaklah anime- anime yang terkira tuh, dan saya telah tertengok cerita Maid Sama. Banyak kali jugak tertengok, tp sebab tak tengok dari mula kurang faham. Akhirnya barulah tengok kat internet. Tengok guna unifi memang sangat best (tiba-tiba promote jap ye) sebab bila play terus jalan je cerita dia. Kalau guna streamyx kat kampong (tiba-tiba nak mengadu :P) kena bukak awal-awal, pastu da siap makan nasik pon belom tentu habis buffer.  So, dalam masa less than two days, marathon saya telah lengkap, yeay!

OK! Si hero dia, Usui Takumi sangat Kakkoiii~ I guess it will not bring any harm to have this crush at this age, kan? Hehehe :P
Memanglah hero-hero ni tipikal tp tak kira tetap jugak nak crush! (macam lah orang nye betol2 ade “-_- *sigh for the third time* )

Ciri-ciri Usui Takumi yang menjadi pujaan hati gadis sejagat :

·         Kachak! Rambut mesti nak blonde, tinggi lampai :)
·         Romantik, mengambil berat, tapi taknak tunjuk, hadoiiii (melting…)
·         Protective! :3
·         Talented, die pandai masak, pandai bersukan, pandai main chess, pandai main violin! <-sila baca dengan nada yg semakin kuat hingga akhir ayat :P
·         Senang cerita, bila die sebenarnya ambil berat, sebenarnya risau, tp taknak tunjuk, tu yg sangat-sangat suka tuh.. <3 <3

Tapi, malangnya, orang ni tak wujud pon *sigh for the fourth time*
Hanyalah dalam mimpi dan fantasi huhuh..

Anyway, cuba lah tengok cerita Maid Sama :) and see it for yourself how adorable Usui Tamaki is!
You can watch the series here <- Kaichou wa Maid Sama :D and read some more about Usui Tamaki -> Here! <3 Rasanya kalau baca manga die lagi jauh cerita nyee.. hurmm

OKlah, enough babbling! Maaflah jika entry ini entah apa-apa “-_-
Thank you for reading! Saya cuba tulis sesuatu yang lebih bernas selain lelaki idaman fantasi saya selepas nih haha :P Take care! Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga :)
With lots of Lurve,


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ummi Izni's Engagement Day! :D

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)

Cuti raya dah habis, selamat kembali ke alam persekolahan/pekerjaan. Semoga semuanya selamat saya ucapkan. Alhamdulillah, saya juga sudah selamat pulang ke KL. Sebelum tamatnya cuti raya ni, rakan karib saya, Ummi Izni sudah selamat bertunang. Tahniah Ummi! Saya dan ummi telah berkawan sejak kecil lagi, sejak tadika. Dah nak 20 tahun dah berkawan, dan still rapat lg. banyak suka duka yang telah kami lalui bersama, kalau nak buat cerita, kalah la 7 episodes Harry Potter tuh, hehe :P

Majlis berlangsung di rumah beliau pada hari Sabtu, 3 September 2011. Pada tarikh ini juga rakan serumah saya bertunang di Johor, Congrats Ayin! Sorry tak dapat datang :(

Disini saya hanyalah ingin menyajikan beberapa keping gambar tidak seberapa, yg sempat saya ambil di sekitar majlis. Silalah menjamu mata :)

Tahniah sekali lagi saya ucapkan kepada Ummi dan pasangan pilihan hati nya :)
Semoga berbahagia selalu!

Tajuk :)

Ummi the Petunang :3

 Ini sireh ye

 Wehah buat muka pelik :P

Sweet eh :)

 Pakcik Tarmizi, bapa petunang :) bapa angkat ku :P

 Gegirlsss!! :3

 Ummi dan Am <3

 Underneath XD

 Tunnel of lurvee

 Tunjuk tunjuk :P

 Kena jemur panas :P

Oh Tree and thee!

 Rase mcm pernah tengok tak pose camni? :P

 Fly the veil! :P

And ouh, you can see the rest of other pictures here, in my facebook :) <- click here!
Thank you gusy for reading this! once again, lets us all say Congrats!! and wish them more happiness. take care. senyum lebar sampai ke telinga!
with lots of Lurve!

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