Thursday, 21 April 2011

Beach boys!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera

These boys start to play skim boarding at the end of last year.
At first they only share one board and take turns to play. And now they manage to build their own board. Every weekend they come to the beach (PD, which is their hometown) and practice.
They may not look professional or awesome but hey, at least they are trying their best to improve.

I used to try playing this thing a few times but of course, I failed. Haha :D
So, here they are!

p/s : tutupla lagu yuna tu nnt bertindih lak bunyi nye :)

And ouh, this video was recorded and edited by me.
Sorry for the very low quality (its not supposed to be like that actually) "-_-
I was very lazy that time. Hehe.

Btw, they have a group. Not a fan page yet, at FB called Sea Munkey!
So let wish them all the best!!
Majulah sukan utk Negara. :D

For those yg tak tau apa itu skim, meh wiki~
Skimboarding (or skimming) is a boardsport in which a skimboard (a smaller counterpart to a surfboard) is used to glide across the water's surface. Unlike surfing, skimboarding begins on the beach, it starts with the dropping of the board onto the thin wash of previous waves. Skimboarders may use their momentum to 'skim' out to breaking waves, which they then catch back into shore in a manner similar to surfing. Another aspect of skimboarding is 'flatland', which involves performing tricks derived from skateboarding such as ollies and shove-its on the wash of waves without catching shore breaks. Skimboarding originated in Southern california when lifeguards wanted an easy way to get across the beaches of Laguna. From here skimboarding went as a way to travel down beaches to extreme riding into big shorebreak.
Wokay! jgn di tanye2/ckp2 bnde ni nk same dgn surf nnt diorg sensitip.
there's a lot difference, do google and wiki more :)

So this is it for now,
Nothing particular for upnext :P
Thank you for reading.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga.
With lots of Lurve,


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