Monday, 18 April 2011

Tiny Introduction :)


hye there, my name is Laila ;D

to make the introduction shorter :

First of all,
I wont claim that I'm a simple ordinary person, because I'm not.
I used to blogging when I was teenage, saying things around loud(i mean typing :P).
but it is too loud until I myself can’t stand the noise.
what I'm trying to say is, at some point, a few years later, I seems disagree with myself.
its like when u see an old picture of yourself and u laugh maybe because that time u look funny, or cute in ugly. :P
well, people change do they.

sometimes we cant even recognized our old self.
like I'm asking myself, was that me who said that?
at last, I realized that I've changed a lot. I'm sure u also experienced the same thing I do.

back to the blogging thing.
yes, a few bloggers has inspired me a lot.
deep in my heart, I want to be like them,
famous! glamor! cool!

but I know, I am far behind to be like them.
I'm not even a cool person to begin with.
for a start, I dont have my own originally cool way to wear hijab.
I dont have my own car to travel around to socialized. and to make thing worst, I'm scared of driving.
I dont have a cool job. I dont live in a big apartment.
I'm a lazy grumpy lady. haha :P
I didnt grow up  in a rich family, live in a center of KL. I am a kampong girl.
my father dont even know what twitter is, well luckily my sister created him FB account and so that he can be friends with his ustaz-ustaz and he can listen to their ceramah easily. :)
its a very different world now and then.

I have a very strict family. when I was in school I was forced to wear baju kurung even when I'm going out with my girlfriends.
I became a rebellious girl straight away. there has been lot of ups and downs in my life.
so here I am. grown up woman. finally grateful with the way my parent raised me (deeply) :)

and now while I'm writing this I hope I can be a better person, and I want any of u who reads this believe that we can be a better person.
I have a theory of phase of my life which I will tell you later.
so for now, this is a wrap of my not-so-tiny introduction.
I really really love to share good things with you in the future.

I guess this is it, for now :D

salam, and lots of lurve,

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