Saturday, 30 July 2011

Harry Potter and Me!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
Sorry dengan kelewatan dan kelembapan meng-update blog.
I’ve been NOT busy, but LAZY actually. Uh, shame on me! “-_-
I was excited to share about my experience with Harry Potter, but it took me weeks to convey all feelings and put it all into words. Hurm.

Well, Harry Potter is a world-phenomenon I must say. And I am freaking LOVE Harry Potter!!
But still, for those who didn’t know, or only know a little, you can google or wiki more about Harry Potter. Basically, Harry Potter is a series of seven books, written by J.K Rowling, a story about a boy named Harry Potter, who is a wizard. Its about his life, learning about magical stuffs, from zero to hero. Filled with complots and adventures.  And finally, they make a movie(s) about it. <- I’m writing this without any google or wiki references, hah!

About me and Harry Potter, we grew up together. I’ve started reading the books in Secondary School. My sister bought it and persuaded me to read it. At first, I didn’t want to read it, and I did thought it was a stupid story.  (“heh, cite pasal budak belajar magic?, boring!”) that’s what I said before. And one more thing is, I’m not good in reading English story books! And to see it that thick! Whoaaa~

But somehow, finally, I’ve read it. I must say, to learn English, you must read many books, start with an easy one, and move on to harder one. At first, I don’t understand 80% what I’ve read, but I ask my sister, in chapter blah-blah, what is exactly happened to blah-blah. So, I really really want to thank Harry Potter, because of you, I can improve my English. I remembered using a word ‘Blimey’ in my eassay at school. Hahah.

The story, the characters, really affected me. Somehow I can imagine and put myself into the story. I smile, laugh, cry through my reading. (and sometimes bring it into my dream :P). What I’m gonna say is, it give me huge influence for this almost ten years time. But beware people, I’m not that bimbo who have a stupid crush at Daniel Radcliffe. Erm speaking of the movie, the first one, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone is my all time favorite. When they were still small and cute and innocent. When Hermione still have that bushy hair, when Harry Potter still skinny and have messy hair.
I've watched that movie over and over again until I can memorized their script :D after that, many things have changed, but I guess its hard to make a movie that is entirely same with the book.

OKlah, I was somehow sad, feeling sentimental when Harry Potter is finally over. I remember waiting for the last book to finally publish. Finish reading it in one day. (that time we didn’t bought the book yet, but we read it online, super cool kan? :D) so, when the movie is over too, I don’t know, but I feel weird. There’s nothing to be waited anymore. T_T
Hurm, oklah, at least it has happy ending, right?

Before watching the last movie, I’ve downloaded all the movie from Sorcerer’s stone to deathly hallows part I. So, the last movie, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II, I was willingly excitedly to put more effort enjoying the movie. So I watched in 3D at GSC MAXX, the biggest hall I’ve ever been to! It was super awesome! I watched every detail, and if I could, I don’t want to blink because I don’t want to miss a thing. And because I’ve kinda forget certain info from the book, I was crying when I watched that one of the twin died. That’s suck! And I forgot that part existed in book! T_T
Phewww! Such a long entry this time, only because Harry Potter. “-_- well, I hope you enjoy the movie(s) and book(s)!  So long Harry Potter! You will be missed!
p/s : I used to use Voldemort name as my nickname, pada zaman kegemilangan MIRC, lol :P

At last, but not least, pictures!
 Voldemort! :3

 No more Harry Potter after this, after about ten years acting, I wonder how they feel at the last day of shooting :(

Worth it!

with the tickets :P

OK guys, thank you for reading this. Let's say farewell to Harry Potter. 
Take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga.
With lots of Lurve,


Friday, 22 July 2011

Small Reunion @ Fullhouse!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)
It has been a hectic and busy weeks for me. And worst, I don’t know what I’ve been busy for, hahah.
I myself don’t actually understand why I can’t keep up with all the things that happening around me. Time flies so fast, right? It seems only yesterday I was celebrating new year :P and now we almost reaching end of July. When I say I can’t keep up, same goes to my blog entry. What happened almost three weeks ago, baru skrg terhegeh-hegeh nak menulis. *sigh*

OK, a few weeks ago, we had a small reunion, me and my friends from UniKL, my ex-housemates zaman bujang2. Coincidentally, Koq had a kursus in KL, so we took her out and have dinner. This small reunion was attended by small people, only four of us, me, Koq, Imah, Idoh and ouh, my personal photographer, Nyet :P

Since Koq dari aritu sebut-sebut nak makan Fullhouse, kitorang pun bawak la ke sana. It’s their first time dining there, actually. OK about Fullhouse, it is such a lovely, beautiful place. And click here for more info, Fullhouse facebook :)  If DSLR still using KODAK, we might use all 3-4 rolls :P <- That’s how I describe it when we can take so many pictures, when a certain place is so beautiful. :D And the foods at Fullhouse, are delicious. I’ve tried their chicken chop and spaghetti, so far not disappointing. :) and I love their honeydew drink, which it has ape ye nama bijik bijik tu, pearl ek?haha :P  and also that night, I tried something new, which is Crème Brule! First time I know about it because I watched Masterchef. I see it as a creative food. And somehow at the finishing, they use errr penunu bunsen to cook the top layer, fascinating kan? :D
I always want to know how it tastes. And wallaaaa! It tastes very delicious! But yep, it’s not cheap. Haha! If you know any place that have Crème Brule too and it’s cheap, tell me! :D

OKlah, what a reunion without gossipsssss and pictures? Maybe a little bit less pictures because we are more into gossips, haha! And Koq didn’t even finish her food because she really want to talk so much :P
So, Here you go! Our pictures! :D :D

 Me, Imah and Koq (sebelum ketibaan Idoh)

 Imah dan makanannye :3

 Koq dan makanannye :3

 Spaghetti, Honeydew yang ada bijik2, Creme Brule! :D :D

 Ketibaan Idoh memeriahkan suasana :P

 Stairway :)

 Oh ya, pakaian juga ada dijual disini. Cool, right?

 Bergaya sakan!

 Dan lagi !

 Famous Fullhouse Car :) *gedik seyh "-_-*

 Candid :P

 *hugs hugs* :3

So itulah dia gambar-gambarnya. Terima kasih kepada yg ada menghulurkan bantuan kewangan pd malam itu. Heheh :D So, that’s it! Please remind me to be more update and keep up with everything thats happening around me “-_-
Thank you for reading this, take care.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga, with lots of Lurve,


Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Ex-housemate's Wedding! And what we do after.. :P

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
Alhamdulilah, bertemu lagi kita ya! Sungguh banyak lah sekali cerita- cerita dan peristiwa yang telah pun lama berlalu tapi masih lagi tidak dikongsi bersama. Saya ucapkan ribuan maaf.

OK lah! Seperti tajuk di atas, bekas rakan serumah, Sakilah telah selamat mendirikan rumah tangga, yeayyy! Tahniah kepada Puan Sakilah dan Encik Zul. She used to be my housemate for almost one year. She is a very kind person, and she call me ‘akak’, (which I never ask her to :P) saya bukanlah seorang yang kisahkan sgt org nak panggil saye akak ke tak. Saya sendiri pun tak panggil kakak saye ‘akak’. Jahat kan? :P Sakilah ni beza umur pun setahun je, kawan2 saya ketawa je bile saya cerita kat diorang. =)
Sebab bg saya cara hormat bukan sekadar pd panggilan. Hormatilah dari segi kelakuan/percakapan.
As long as menghormati antara satu sama lain, tu dah cukup untuk saya.

OK sambung cerita pasal Kila (nama manja :D) , baik orangnye, dah puji dah kan tadi, hehe :P
Sayangkan Chot. <- Ini adalah criteria yang paling mustahak apabila menjadi my housemate!!
Erm, lagi, tolong halaukan cicak untuk saya, tolong masakkan makanan untuk saya bila saya malas makan, saya ulangi bila saya malas makan ye, bukan bila saya sakit takleh bangun. :P
Lagi, sebab beli mesin basuh, lagi, sebab suke refill stok makanan byk2.. dan banyak lagi lah.. :D

So, di masa perkahwinan beliau, saya adalah antara yang terkuat memberi sokongan, heheh :P
Ataupon yang paling kuat makan, haha.. mase akad nikah saya ada, mase kenduri pon ade..
Akad nikah berlangsung di Masjid Gombak dan dihadiri keluarga dan kenalan terdekat..
Manakala majlis kenduri berlangsung di Tasik Titiwangsa..First time gi orang kawin kat tepi tasik yow! :P
Baiklah, selamat menonton gambar-gambar sepanjang perkahwinan beliau. Btw, marilah kita bersama mendoakan kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan pasangan ini. Tahniah sekali lagi, Kila dan Zul! :3

 Ketika di masjid

 Solat sunat

 Sarung cincin


 Cium dahi

 Selesai makan di rumah pengantin :)

 Pengantin bersanding di Tasik Titiwangsa yow!

 Imah pon turut datang memeriahkan majlis, tumpang bergambar di pelamin

 Nak jugakk.. :P
 Kami gaya bebas! ni pengantin da tukar baju utk potong kek :)

So, selepas majlis ni kami pun beransur ke tempat lain..
buat kelas belajar kereta mungkin..oh tidak sama sekali, kami pergi one night trip, ketika itu mana? sila lihat gambar seterusnya.. hahah.. :P

 Tengok ape dia tulis kat board tu haaa :P

 Kami camwhoring!

Pengawal istana! :P

OK takde motif pun naik Genting tuh, saje nak berperasan main sejuk sejuk.. :P
Tak lama lepas tu kami pun pulang..sekian :)
Btw, perasan tak dalam entry ni hampir keseluruhan cerita saya guna bahasa melayu?
Sounds weird right? terasa seperti penyampai cerita adalah org lain kan? hehe :P
That's it for now.. (malas nak ulas panjang2, walaupun sbnrnya da cukup panjang da nih)
Thank you for reading. Take a good care of yourself!
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga, with lots of lurve,


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Best Friend, KD's Wedding :D

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D

26th June yang lalu, one of my best friend, Khadijah atau nama glamer beliau, KD telah pon selamat menjadi isteri kepada Encik Asyraf. If you guys remember, I used to make an entry about their wedding e-card invitation. :D

Me and KD, we’re friends since high school. She IS included in our gang named KHASYAZALAHUMIAH. Hahah. That ‘KHA’ is taken from her name. =) Her house is very near to mine. We used to have sleepover when we’re still teenagers. We’re even naik bus sekolah yang sama :P ,  she changed school after Form 3, (if I not mistaken), Went to girl school at Kuantan, then moved to SBPI Temerloh.  While she gone, we still keep writing letters to each other, and she talk to me at phone sometimes. (zaman ni hanset takde, so takde msg-msg, kalo call pon gune public phone “-_-).  This is what we called the power of friendship haa! =D

OK back to her Wedding things. Nak dijadikan cerita, her husband used to naik the same bus with us when we’re still in school. But I cant remember him at all, hahah! So her house and his house is only about 10 minutes away la. Senang nak balik raya kan..  :D

Well, pada asalnya taknak cerita banyak, Cuma nak tunjuk gambar je. But once a ‘pembebel’, always a ‘pembebel’! hihi :P  so,sila lah lihat gambar yang tak seberapa nih :)

So, ini adalah sebahagian kecil gambar yang telah diambil, there are 30 more pictures in my facebook, which can view here <-  :D
I'm not a photographer btw, I don't know how to be one. tapi kalau nak upah amik gambar jadi photographer sampingan boleh jek. hehehe :P
OKlah, let us all wish happiness for both of them, Aminnn!
That's it for now, thank you for reading and take care. Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga :D
With lots of Lurve,


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Chot's Day Out!

Assalamualaikum salam sejahtera :)
In the last entry, I promised to share about Chot. Chot is literally my son and physically our cat :P
Almost two years ago we adopted Chot from private vet in Ampang. He was called Chot because he is so pengecut, and comes out with the name Chot. (ada sikit2 bunyi :P)

At first, Chot sangatlah garang, penakut, tak bergerak langsung, sampaikan kite buat2 tido baru die bangun makan. At first I thought he has a very serious emotions problem. I was wondering is there any psychiatrist for animals. Hurmm. And at one time, I almost give up and almost returned him to the vet :(
For those yang kenal Chot, tau la camne. Die taknak orang pegang, asyik nak marah. It’s very frustrating for us. Seriously, I cried. (It’s like having a sick kid but we don’t know how else to help him) T_T

Tapi, macam mana pon, kami tetap sabar, beri dia masa. Tetap cuba untuk rapat dengan dia.
And, Alhamdulilah, sekarang ni dia da tak takut2 da, walaupon adela jugak sikit2 :P
Chot sangat cepat panik. Takut dengan budak kecik, takut naik kereta, mudah terkejut dan panik “-_-
However, most of time, Chot is a very spoiled son (cat) :P He eats only the expensive foods, very picky.
Suka masuk dalam almari, tak suka orang duduk atas kusyen die, suke memekak pagi2 buta, suka lepak kat beranda :P

Well, pada suatu hari, kami pon membawa Chot ke taman. First time bawak. And we take a few pictures. So, have a look!

Chot's trying to adapt with the environment :)

Chot's attempt to climb a tree, which was by force actually :P

Chot's still hanging there........

Chot is starting to panic! (Gambar pon da blur, fokus lari sebab mommy nye pon da panik "-_-)

After being rescued :)

 Chot is hiding under akar pokok :P

Well that's it for the pictures of Chot's first Day Out, we might having more Chot's Day Out Insya Allah.
And ouh, we also have a short video of Chot. A video of his hiding mission :P
Sorry video tah ape2 :P

Oklah, that's it serba sedikit about Chot.
Farewell, for now.
Thank you so much for reading. I see you soon, Insya Allah.
take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga,
with lots of Lurve,


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