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Phase of my life + People in my life

Phase of my life + People in my life
First phase:
the day i was born - 6 years old.
this is the phase of learning.
I'm a brilliant kid when I was a kid.
active and explorative just like dora the explorer except the hair style and body size. ngehehe
pandai membaca around 4-5 years I think.
also pandai mengaji at the same range.
my father was a proud dad back then.
Sadly, the brilliance didnt last long. haha :P

People I met; and certain of them I still wonder and hope that I can meet them one day:
my kindergarten teacher and friends.
my neighbors/playmates! (umah sebelah jek. hehe. tp sekarang da jarang jumpe)
 my kindergarten bf!! he used to lived in the same kampong with me but then he moved.
 but I remember he was nice to me.
at one time, my teacher used to tease us. one day I didnt came to school and the next day I came, my teacher said to him:
"seronok ye awk BOY-X sbb arini lela dtg, smlm awk diam je" hehehe.. its fun to recall this memory.
unfortunately I didnt know what happened to him now. even my father dont remember him. :(

and I used to have best friend, he is a boy. live at the same kampong as well, I used to come and play a few times with him.
but he is sick, then one day he was hospitalized. and one night, my mom told me he die. I was very very sad.and that time I want to follow my mom to visit him for the last time, but I was forbid. its amazing that time I was so young  and I still want to see him for last time. he will be missed. hurmm.

Second phase:
primary school! (7 y/o-12 y/o)
this time I was a clever girl too.
never missed the tempat pertama-tempat ketiga title. haha.
I also received pelajar mithali title when I was in standard 6 (I think)! haha
still an active student that time. always take part in any competition or event.
syarahan, pertandingan bercerita, pertandingan menyanyi, sebut je, semua nak masuk.
I have to admit, I'm a cool girl back then.
one of the leader of fatayat(pengakap islamic)
oh yup, I was in private islamic school. the fee is very expensive and gratefully I was a clever girl. haha.
I got straight A's in UPSR and we also have UPSRI which contains Islamic subject such Feqah, Tajwid, Aqidah and lot more.
I didnt remember how many subjects I take on UPSRI but I only got 1B and the rests are As.
Very cool of me back then. "-_-

people I met:
my school teachers and friends.
my crusheSS! (he-who-must-not-be-named) hohoiii.. I used to be a loving person la wehh..
well some of my teachers still remember me (thanks to my over-active attitude at school)
if any of my teacchers read this, I would like to say thank you very much! terima kasih atas segala tunjuk ajar dan ilmu yang diberi.
but since my rebellion age, maybe some of them choose not to remember me. hehehe :P

Third phase:
secondary school! (13 y/o-17 y/0)
haha! this is ermm how can I described this, hurmm zaman kegemilangan!!! yup!!
teenage dream baby!
hurm, me and my girlfriends are like one geng! and the geng's name is KHASYAZALAHUMIAH. haha! the combination of our names.
we still have the group created in FB. there are seven of us, we were the legend at school lah!
its very fun that time, we're chasing boys, ponteng skolah :P too many sweet memories.
thats how my brilliant fade away. LOL
So, my PMR and SPM results will not be reveal here :P
and, I learn to have a real boyfriend at the age of 15. and once again, I dont know what happen to him now.hurmmm..
and when I'm 16 I have 2nd bf. we're friend for almost 3 years and it didnt last long, I'm sorry. :(
however, not all things are sweet and fun when I was teenage.
when I was 17, on 16th April, I lost my beloved mother. my whole world sank after that.

people I met:
my teachers, my tuition teachers! thank you so much!
my school friends! my tuition friends! my internet friends! my pen pal!
my faci when we went to kadet polis camping. (of course they dont remember me).
we went camping at least one time at year, there are lots of people I met and lots of memories too :)

Fourth phase:
Dark age.
after I finished school, I was very determined to leave the house, start a life in KL.
I studied at UNIKL for three years and I met my beloved friends, geng cik mizan (named after our rental house owner's name) :P
with them, I learned the hardcore fun, haha! no matter how far the bad attitude we have, we still there with each other. keep reminding one another. but after we graduate, we get so busy.
 we may spending less time together but we still there for each other in our heart la cewahhh!
and ouh, when I was in Unikl I met my current BF, heheh. its a typical love story :P

and then in 2008 I continue my study in KLMU and met a wonderful new friends. this is where the hardcore fun continues. hehee :P  our movie trailer explains everything. LOL

and I have a few jobs last year which almost make my dad sent me to shrink. haha
of course I went through lots ups and downs.

in this phase of life, I learn to hate and angry.
I've been in a very negative environment, where I learn that people will hate for no reason. they want to see me down.
I learn that there is no sincerity in this life. people fake their smile. i'm finally become a frustrating person, hating myself more than anyone else. feeling hopeless and useless. I learn and I learn. hurmmm.

people I met:
my classmates in Unikl and Klmu!
my lecturers in Unikl and Klmu, Thank you very much!! I've learned a lot!
my seniors at hostel! :)
my friends when I was in industrial training at webse (Yan, Afif, Sarina, Yuyu, my supervisor, Carol
my KAKS friends! hehe
my colleagues! :)

Fifth phase:
this is where I stand now.
repenting my sins. regretting my mistakes. heheh.
trying to settle down and stabilize my life. trying to be a better person each day. trying to gain a confidence. trying to build a better future. Searching for the slightest tiny bit of happiness.
reminding myself not to let anyone make me down. be tough when something bad happen.
this is the place where I wish and hoping everything will be well for all of us.

Well then,
This is almost complete story of me, all my life.

p/s: if u think u know me, and if ur story is mentioned here, pls add me on Facebook. (but pls dont judge me :P)
thanks :)

Next time, random questions!

This is it for now.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga :D
Salam,and lots of lurve


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