Saturday, 2 July 2011

Chot's Day Out!

Assalamualaikum salam sejahtera :)
In the last entry, I promised to share about Chot. Chot is literally my son and physically our cat :P
Almost two years ago we adopted Chot from private vet in Ampang. He was called Chot because he is so pengecut, and comes out with the name Chot. (ada sikit2 bunyi :P)

At first, Chot sangatlah garang, penakut, tak bergerak langsung, sampaikan kite buat2 tido baru die bangun makan. At first I thought he has a very serious emotions problem. I was wondering is there any psychiatrist for animals. Hurmm. And at one time, I almost give up and almost returned him to the vet :(
For those yang kenal Chot, tau la camne. Die taknak orang pegang, asyik nak marah. It’s very frustrating for us. Seriously, I cried. (It’s like having a sick kid but we don’t know how else to help him) T_T

Tapi, macam mana pon, kami tetap sabar, beri dia masa. Tetap cuba untuk rapat dengan dia.
And, Alhamdulilah, sekarang ni dia da tak takut2 da, walaupon adela jugak sikit2 :P
Chot sangat cepat panik. Takut dengan budak kecik, takut naik kereta, mudah terkejut dan panik “-_-
However, most of time, Chot is a very spoiled son (cat) :P He eats only the expensive foods, very picky.
Suka masuk dalam almari, tak suka orang duduk atas kusyen die, suke memekak pagi2 buta, suka lepak kat beranda :P

Well, pada suatu hari, kami pon membawa Chot ke taman. First time bawak. And we take a few pictures. So, have a look!

Chot's trying to adapt with the environment :)

Chot's attempt to climb a tree, which was by force actually :P

Chot's still hanging there........

Chot is starting to panic! (Gambar pon da blur, fokus lari sebab mommy nye pon da panik "-_-)

After being rescued :)

 Chot is hiding under akar pokok :P

Well that's it for the pictures of Chot's first Day Out, we might having more Chot's Day Out Insya Allah.
And ouh, we also have a short video of Chot. A video of his hiding mission :P
Sorry video tah ape2 :P

Oklah, that's it serba sedikit about Chot.
Farewell, for now.
Thank you so much for reading. I see you soon, Insya Allah.
take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga,
with lots of Lurve,


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