Friday, 22 July 2011

Small Reunion @ Fullhouse!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)
It has been a hectic and busy weeks for me. And worst, I don’t know what I’ve been busy for, hahah.
I myself don’t actually understand why I can’t keep up with all the things that happening around me. Time flies so fast, right? It seems only yesterday I was celebrating new year :P and now we almost reaching end of July. When I say I can’t keep up, same goes to my blog entry. What happened almost three weeks ago, baru skrg terhegeh-hegeh nak menulis. *sigh*

OK, a few weeks ago, we had a small reunion, me and my friends from UniKL, my ex-housemates zaman bujang2. Coincidentally, Koq had a kursus in KL, so we took her out and have dinner. This small reunion was attended by small people, only four of us, me, Koq, Imah, Idoh and ouh, my personal photographer, Nyet :P

Since Koq dari aritu sebut-sebut nak makan Fullhouse, kitorang pun bawak la ke sana. It’s their first time dining there, actually. OK about Fullhouse, it is such a lovely, beautiful place. And click here for more info, Fullhouse facebook :)  If DSLR still using KODAK, we might use all 3-4 rolls :P <- That’s how I describe it when we can take so many pictures, when a certain place is so beautiful. :D And the foods at Fullhouse, are delicious. I’ve tried their chicken chop and spaghetti, so far not disappointing. :) and I love their honeydew drink, which it has ape ye nama bijik bijik tu, pearl ek?haha :P  and also that night, I tried something new, which is Crème Brule! First time I know about it because I watched Masterchef. I see it as a creative food. And somehow at the finishing, they use errr penunu bunsen to cook the top layer, fascinating kan? :D
I always want to know how it tastes. And wallaaaa! It tastes very delicious! But yep, it’s not cheap. Haha! If you know any place that have Crème Brule too and it’s cheap, tell me! :D

OKlah, what a reunion without gossipsssss and pictures? Maybe a little bit less pictures because we are more into gossips, haha! And Koq didn’t even finish her food because she really want to talk so much :P
So, Here you go! Our pictures! :D :D

 Me, Imah and Koq (sebelum ketibaan Idoh)

 Imah dan makanannye :3

 Koq dan makanannye :3

 Spaghetti, Honeydew yang ada bijik2, Creme Brule! :D :D

 Ketibaan Idoh memeriahkan suasana :P

 Stairway :)

 Oh ya, pakaian juga ada dijual disini. Cool, right?

 Bergaya sakan!

 Dan lagi !

 Famous Fullhouse Car :) *gedik seyh "-_-*

 Candid :P

 *hugs hugs* :3

So itulah dia gambar-gambarnya. Terima kasih kepada yg ada menghulurkan bantuan kewangan pd malam itu. Heheh :D So, that’s it! Please remind me to be more update and keep up with everything thats happening around me “-_-
Thank you for reading this, take care.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga, with lots of Lurve,


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