Friday, 2 September 2011

Raya Project !!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)

How’s your Raya everyone? :D I hope everything is fine and wonderful for Raya. Not because of how much duit raya you have, or how glam your baju raya is, but wonderful because you can be with your family and loved ones. My Raya was wonderful because I can be with my family. I barely get to meet my grandmother, I can say only once a year during Raya. So, this once a year time, it is very important to gather everyone. I have two friends that I know, this Raya, their parent is currently not very well. One of my friend said, dia takde mood nak beraya sbb ayahnya tgh tak sihat. Imagine how they feel. So, that’s why I’m saying here, be thankful enough this Raya you can be with your loved ones, and forget the rest about baju raya and whatsoever. And I am very thankful because I can be with my family this Raya.

Well, for this Raya I have a few projects for myself :P

  •  Cat rumah! Not entirely, but only at the living hall. Pheww. Insya Allah I’ll continue the rest of the house if I’m not lazy on Raya Haji :P
  This is before and after :P

  •   Baking Cupcakes! Not so great this one *sigh* Only 1/3 is a success, the rest are yucks! “-_-  1/3 sahaja yg ade decoration, yang lain takde gambar dan masih ade dalam tupperware takde org nak makan T_T 
Baking :)

This is the result :)
  •         Apam Polkadot! This was epic failure! I’m telling ya, EPIC FAILURE! Haha
All the apams, they just baring, leper, penyet.. I called them apam baring “-_-
I think because the cups I’m using are not kukuh enough la, kualiti cup tu mcm cup org buat kuih almond London. Mmg sah-sah la apam tu jd baring kann “-_-
So, mmg takde gambar epic failure nih, lepastu fade up teros nak buat, my sister take over and put it in a nice cup yg lain. :P

So, that is all what I can do for Raya!
I’m wishing you guys, have a wonderful Eid :D
Ampun maaf zahir dan batin! From me, and my family! :3

Thank you for reading, take care.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga. With lots of Lurve,


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