Saturday, 1 October 2011

Attack of Laser Warzone! and a sweet wish :)

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :)

So last Thursday, we finally had a chance to redeem the voucher for laser warzone games. (After a tragedy like I’ve told you before) and that was one day before its expired date haha :P There are four of us, Nyet and his two friends, Pehnom and Wan (I’ll show you pictures later)
OK the vouchers/coupon I’ve bought it from Milkadeal  <- Click Here! (I am a huge fan of buying vouchers at Milkadeal “-_-)

But first, do you know what laser tag is?
It is basically a combat game just like paintball but you don’t use bullet and get hurt, it’s using laser lah.
You will be equipped with sort of jacket and it got sensor on it and when you got shot at the sensor, it will vibrate and you lost the ability to shoot others for a few seconds. Hah! Sounds interesting right? :D
Well you can read more at Wikipedia >- Click Here! And do some more googling :) And if you watched the series of “How I met your mother”, you’ll know that guy Barney play this too! And basically, whatever this guy Barney did, it’ll always come with awesomeness! Haha :P

Wokay, so the voucher includes 50% percent off of three sessions at Laser Warzone <- More info about Laser Warzone Click Here! Laser Warzone is located in i-City Shah Alam. since its our first time, we have to go through some briefing first, they’ll teach us how to use the equipment and told us some rules in the battle area.
Some of the rules are no running, which I did all the time “-_- and no swearing, which I slipped a little bit “-_-
The battle area is so cool, and the marshal is kind, they also got some place for corporate events or birthday party.

So each session is 10 minutes play. That is absolutely not a short time OK! I was very exhausted by the running and screaming! For the first two session I ran out in the middle of the battle just to go and find some water haha :P the last session we make a team of two and one less people to shoot so, not that tired anymore :D and ouh, this is an important thing to be told, I’ve WON the first place from the three battle, I meant, I WON ALL THE THREE BATTLE SESSION.  Yeehaaa! (well don’t make me repeat this :P) That is, something to tell to the grandchildren! LOL

At first we didn’t assume this is going to be THAT challenging and exhausting, we came out from each session, sweating and mengah-mengah, semput-semput hahah (and my lenguh-lenguh kaki still last for days, akibat tak bersenam “-_-)
 We don’t really have much time to take pictures as we all busy being tired :P But here it is, a few pictures :D

Ini Nyet :D 
 Ini Pehnom :D kejam nih "-_-

 Ini Wan :D main acah acah je kat bear tu :P

The Warriors! :P

Ini markah! Eliminator, thats me! but this is the last session's points. for first session my points/marks
is way higher, 3000 something!! :D :D (memang kembang hidung yg da kembang! :P)

 This is Charlie's Angel pose! yeebaa~ :D

So that's it! we'll come back for sure, and I'll take more interesting photos. Do come and experience this!! boleh kurus tauu sebab bersukan :P See ya next time!

At last, but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my dearest friend, Rabiatol Adawiyah, Congratulation on her wedding :D She is one my friend since school and she is definitely my partner in crime hahah. So Congrats Botol!! (that was a name I gave to her, jahat kan :P) Sorry gambar tak cantik sbb amik guna ipod je, kamera gedabak tukar shift bekerja :P

OK guys, that's all for now.
Thank you for reading. take a good care of yourself,
senyum lebar sampai ke telinga,
with lots of Lurve,



  1. "Anda pun cubalah sesuatu yang baru jugak!"
    (ayat Yuna dalam iklan Libresse :P)
    :D :D

  2. siyes mcm gempak je laser tu
    hehe style header

  3. wah best nye main game laser...

    cun awk cun...!


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