Friday, 24 June 2011

Scrumptious for 54th Monthlyversary!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
Last Tuesday was our 54th monthlyversary. Such a huge number, Alhamdulillah.  Traditionally, we’ll celebrate this date. (long enough to make a tradition out of it :P) Whether it’s huge with fancy dinner and jalan jalan, or just a simple text message. To forget this date is a taboo :P So, forget about romantic (boring, usual) dinner, we’re decided to have romantic (not boring) lunch instead.

So, here we are, at Scrumptious! (visit their facebook <- here!)
Scrumptious restaurant is a tip top restaurant as I see it. Nice and beautiful ambience.  Banyak cerita shoot kat sini, ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ , ‘Tiramisu’ dan banyak lagi la boleh tengok kat facebook dia. Waitress die pun foreigner haaa.  OK next, their foods. There are a lot of ‘menggiurkan’ choices.  Tapi sebab nak save budget, we choose their lunch promotion. You can choose one starter and one main course and free ice lemon tea, for about RM15.00+ per person. Their lunch promotion is different for every week, and it starts at 12.00pm to 4.00 pm. And yeahhh, this Scrumptious Restaurant is 100% Bumiputra (maybe except the waitress :P) and is Halal. Nice ambience, delicious foods, plus the promotion, and HALAL. It’s worth to try lorr. So for more info, just visit their Facebook.

OK, tanpa melengahkan masa, as always, pictures of foods and picture of me. (I’m camwhoring like crazy that day) Dengan kata lain, tempat ni, 100 keping gambar pon tak cukup :P

 Their menu :)

Starter : Potato Salad with Beef Bacon Bit & Grated Boiled Egg

Main Course (His choice) : Linguini Pasta with Slice Chicken Ham & Cream Sauce

Main Course (my choice) : Breaded Chicken Chop served with Crinkle Cut Fries & Black Pepper Sauce

That's us! Buat macam rumah sendiri "-_-

Through their window :)

Their signature, and me :)

 Camwhoring!! :P

OK, that's it, on the evening, we take Chot out at park, we'll have it for the next entry :P
And sorry, I don't have any romantic, bubbly words for the monthlyversary, I don't do it publicly :P
Thank you so much for reading this. "Anda pon cubelah sesuatu yang baru jugak!" <- ayat Yuna dalam iklan Libresse. I might not be able to try extreme sports, but I can try new foods, definitely. :)
I see you next time, take care, senyum lebar sampai ke telinga, 
with lots of Lurve,



  1. sendiri post, sendiri lapar "-_-

  2. hahahah.. yerr aku tauuuu.. da tak dapek nak bendung da nehhh.. hahah "-_-


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