Wednesday, 11 May 2011

show your body some serious love!

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera.

Today, I’ve read an article in CLEO magazine (which is my must-buy-every-month thing). And if you also bought it let see page 188 (May 2011 issue of course) and read it together.

33 Ways to show your body some SERIOUS LOVE. <3 <3
And if you’re lucky, it’ll love you back!!
There are few things that I want to seriously try to love, so this is the list!

1.       Get involved
Replace TV time with bike riding, playing an instrument.

                My own term :
                Replace internet time with cooking :)
                Maybe I could take a cooking class, or handcrafts class (jika mampu bayar yuran :p)
                Or maybe do some volunteering works. Ahaaa~

2.       Buy experiences instead of stuff
Study shows “We don’t tend to get bored of happy memories like we do with material objects”

My own term :
Spend money for experience and not materials, right.
I never went to SPA or any facial treatment, and I’ve bought a few vouchers so I really looking forward to get it done. I hope this will be a worth spend experience.

3.       Eat lots of wholegrain
Oat, brown rice, buckwheat, rye, bulgur, millet, quinoa and wholewheat flour.
(Does anyone can seriously explain what the heck is rye, bulgur, quinoa is?)

My own term :
Nasi putih beras jasmine is acceptable or not? OK, I’ll eat more cornflakes :D

4.       Stay close with friends and family
Studies found that people with strong relationships have better immune systems and live longer than those who are socially isolated. :D

My own term :
This is serious guys. But since my family live in other state, so when I come home, I really must need to spend quality time with them (maybe I should propose big dinner at fancy restaurant, my sister paying of course.. hurmm.. I wonder what pakcik enzai will react with my suggestion, haha)
And well my beloved friends, we worked so hard already right? So, why not we take time to chillax, hang out together pulak. I have two pending chillax sessions actually. The vacation trip with my KLMU friends, and ice room chillax session with my UniKL friends. And recently, bachelor party for my khasyazalahumiah gang. They better be masyukkkk by now ok  :P

5.       Pee after sex
Well, the friction of shag can cause bacteria to enter the uretha and by peeing it will flush the bacteria out. Hurmm
And so, I will skip my own term on this. J

6.       Don’t brush straight after eating
Wait a minimum 20 minutes. Tooth enamel is softer after acid exposure and you don’t want to scrub it off.

My own term :
It’s hard enough to brush my teeth 3 times a day. So this would be no problem.
But I will put more effort to keep my teeth clean :P

7.       Eat slowly
The body is pretty unimpressed by speed eating, as it can’t secrete hormones that make you full fast enough, resulting in overeating and weight gain.
The solution? Chew, drink, talk, relax. You’ll enjoy the food, and the moment more :D

My own term :
I am a slow eater ! :P
But sometimes when I’m in rush, I tend to eat faster. And the consequence is, I will hiccup and hiccup and finally, stomach ache. I’ll learn to organize my time better ya.
And ouh, I’ve read somewhere that, if you skip your breakfast, you will tend to get fat unlike when you have breakfast. I don’t know how it happens because I don’t understand biology that much. “-_-

8.       Leave work on time!
Workaholics have a higher incidence of anxiety, fatigue, headaches, digestive issues and relationship breakdowns than people who have a job and life.

My own term :
This is what I’ve been trying to say to all the boss in the world! Hahah! :D
I love leave work on time or maybe earlier, that’s mean I’m having a healthier and happier life right  :P

9.       Wear sunscreen
According to National Skin Centre website, skin cancer is the 7th most common skin cancer in Singapore and the number is climbing.
So pop on a hat, shirt and SPF 30+ sunscreen before you head out.

My own term :
I will do this for sure! You know, cuaca sekarang sgt tidak menentu. Kejap kejap panas sangat, kejap kejap hujan lebat. So, take a good care of yourself, drink plenty of air masak! As for the skin, I just recently learned what the meaning of SPF number this, and number that. The bigger the number is, the more it protects your skin from sunscreen. I’m sorry if I’m a little bit slow with the whole beauty products/skin care things. Btw, it’s lucky that my workplace is teduh, ada air cond, for those yang kerja jual nasi ker, yang kerja bengkel kereta ker. Haaaa.. ( please see number 12 later)

10.   Know that he loves you <3
When you find a good man, relax and be secure in the relationship. Research shows that doubting our partners can double the risk of heart problems. It can literally break your heart.

My own term :
Hurmm, I’ve been facing a problem of insecurities in my life. I tend to be a mother to my boyfriend, which in previous article in this CLEO May issue says:
 “Often women slip into habit of this behavior because they lack their own self-esteem; they have no confidence in their ability to maintain a relationship because they think they are not compelling or attractive enough. To compensate for what they feel they are lacking, they go overboard and are too nice and too giving, fearing that if they set boundaries, the guy they are with might walk away”.

I have this problem and it’s like I can’t trust my nyett to get his things done. I will be asking/nagging 24 hours. I have a problem to get involve in every single thing he do and just like a mother I tend to give all the best for him. And that is not a good thing! So maybe, I’ll learn to start trust in him. I’ll try to love him like he always loves me. Accepting the goods and the bad in our partner. Bak kata Bruno Mars, Just the way you are!
(I must stop nagging, I must stop nagging, I must stop nagging) cheers!

11.   Get a fruit bowl
Fill it with fresh produce and place it on the table. “if you put nice apples out in plain sight, people will eat them” :)

My own term :
Don’t we just love the fresh fruits in a big bowl?
It’s a beautiful sight, really. It can create harmony and soothes in your place.
But to maintain and eat the fruits while it still fresh, is another different story. But first, fresh fruits don’t come in cheap price. And for the place like mine which people are rarely home is another problem. Who will eat the fruit when there are no people at home.
So, my solution is, makan buah potong! Or, have a fruit juice! (originally fruit juice and not just  cordial) :D

12.   Be thankful!
 Research shows that gratitude plays a big part in overall happiness, so keep a thankfulness diary. Before you go to bed at night, write down one big or small thing you’re grateful for. Scribble down anything. From “friends who make me smile” to “stinky French cheese”, qualifies.

My own term :
What a nice thing to do, right? I couldn’t agree more that this is the best thing to do to have a happy life! Be thankful, and grateful! The important way to show our thanks is PRAY, five times a day! And later, we can have that thankfulness diary. I will start writing down what I’m thankful today is, I’m thankful because I’m working in the nice office, yang teduh lg tak panas. :D and also, I’m thankful to have a sometimes-wonderful and sometimes-annoying boyfriend :P
I’ll consider I’m lucky to still have a 5-year boyfriend after all :)

13.   Use condoms
Just for the info, if you’re on the pill, you may have gotten a bit lazy with your sexual health.
Always use condoms with untested partner. I have nothing to say on my term. So, skip!

14.   Blink more
Human naturally blink five to six times a minute, but when you stare at electronic screens, that rate goes down, causing dry, red eyes. Take two minute screen break every half hour. Close your eyes to lubricate them, then stretch your eye muscles by looking at somewhere in the distance.

My own term :
Yup! The fact is so true! Our eyes need a rest! Sometimes a dark circle appears around my eyes when I use a laptop for too long. “-_-
So the solution is, rajin rajin la letak timun kat mata :P and then blink more! Or maybe wink! ;)

15.   Wear flats if you can
Despite looking hot, heels raise hell with your back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

My own term :
I love slippers! Selipar jepun especially. Very easy!
But sometimes kena la melawa lawa jugak kan. So yes to heels (but I wear wedges actually :P) but not too often :) slipper make your day!

16.   Eat veggies
You’ve heard it a million times but it bears repeating. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables can lower the risk of developing heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer by up to 30 percent.

My own term:
Ahaa! If you’re a very close person to me, you will know that I don’t eat veggies. If we go eat somewhere, my order would be like this; “nasi goreng tanak sayur, bihun sup tanak sayur….” I refuse to eat veggies. I called it tumbuhan hijau, I refuse to eat anything green. But however, I start to learn to eat veggies now, I even used to consider being a vegetarian but it costs too much actually. Anyway wish me luck with my learn-to-eat-veggies process! For a start, I have cucumber in my fridge: P

17.   Watch a comedy show and laugh
Laughter releases feel-good hormones that reduce stress and shut down negative self-talk. It’s also good for working the tummy muscles – which is a lot more fun than doing exhausting sit ups.

My own term :
Alright! I think watching 711 it’s enough. It has many comedy show/drama. I love watching “how I met your mother” and “glee”. If it wasn’t enough, we can change to 132! And Maharaja Lawak every Friday of course! <3

18.   Find a peaceful place to escape
The constant noise of traffic and people can wear you down. find a quiet place nearby, such as museum, garden or library and make it your sanctuary when the world gets overwhelming.

My own term :
Speaking of library, I used to make kinokuniya as my library. I spent hours there to read books. But now I think I’m not that hard working anymore to spend my energy taking train and be there. But I really love the idea of escaping. Me and my nyett used to talk about hiking. We’re planning to go hiking sometimes, maybe in June (paling cepat la tu). And we’re not talking about Broga hill. Ini rancangan mendaki gunung ye rakan2. Still in KL area. So if any of you would like to join, please inform so we can have further plan on this :) We need to get fit first ok people!

19.   Start a garden
Getting involved in the planting and tending flowers is much better for you than slouching on the couch. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll get from presenting pretty bouquets to friends.

My own term :
When we live in a place “rumah atas angin”, it means rumah bertingkat. You can’t find any hurmmm tanah laa.. unless you are very rich, you can have a balcony full of trees and even a fountain. Well. I have two vases of plants that I don’t know what its name was. So I think that’s a good start :) (keep positive people, and hope the plant won’t die too soon :P )

20.   Declutter your room and home
Clean, ordered rooms are easier to chill out in. unpaid bills and dirty laundry can be distracting, so invest in some storage solutions to make your “studenty” house look more grown up.

My own term :
OK! OK! I will clean up my room and my place. I have to get rid my laziness as soon as possible. I will organize my things better. I will throw out my “barang barang merepek”. I have a habit to keep things and called it sentimental value. Most of the barang barang merepek are toys, happy meal toys, tickets, any free gifts/pamphlets.. I collect too many things “-_- I promise to get rid it all before I get married which is still unknown. Hahah!

21.   Move your body
Psychologists believe that a great way to banish bad moods is to get active, whether it’s a big gym session or just a brisk walk. The rewards? Improved focus and reduced tension.

My own term :
I’m really not good at this. But I’ll try. Start with push-ups every day. And walk more (around shopping complex :P ) and do some sports, badminton for example. Haha. All of these stuffs are hard for me, but I’ll try. I promise I’ll try!  :)

22.   Be a singletasker
Multitasking is seriously overrated, and usually results in several jobs done poorly instead of one task performed well. In fact, the brainiacs at Hewlett-Packard recently found the average worker’s IQ drops 10 points when they’re doing more than one thing.

My own term :
I’m not a serious multitasker to begin with. I might do it when I was still studying. And now I only do it when I cook while watching TV. :P So if any of you are multitasker, start being a singletasker instead :)

23.   Wake up sunny
Battling to get up in the morning? Try sleeping with the curtains open so natural light can filter through your room from dawn onwards. The sunshine will help reset your body clock, making it easier to start the day.

My own term :
Sleep with the curtains open? That’s too scary for me. “-_-
To have an annoying alarm is enough, and I can open the curtains after I wake up.
But maybe you guys who are not penakut like me can try this. Wake up with a sunny breeze upon your face~ that’s too wonderful and a great kick start for your day! :D

24.   Cuddle up
Cortisol is a nasty hormone that floods your body when you’re stressed, increasing blood pressure and slowing your metabolism. Hugs drop cortisol levels. True story. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re snugging with your boyfriend or a friend’s pet pooch.

My own term :
Hugs can make you happy. So why not hugs your love one. Maybe your family or your best friends. And I hug Chot every day! Just maybe his bulu will tickle my nose.  :P
But don’t you go hugs every stranger you meet!  :)

25.   Go sugar free
Refined sugar causes your energy and insulin levels to yoyo, giving you a blood sugar level high followed by a blood sugar crash.
If you need the boost during the day, eat complex carbs ; rye bread and potatoes. They’re digested more slowly and provide a sustained energy release over several hours.

My own term :
“Kurangkan gula dalam makanan, manis dalam senyuman”, did I mentioned it right? :P
When order a drink, put this behind you sentence “….kurang manis satu!” hehe.. this is not hard for me because I like drinking plain water. If I not mistaken we should drink at least 1 litre of plain water every day. :)

26.   Find a sport you love
Enjoyable physical activities don’t feel like work, so we’re more likely to have a go at them. Even inventing new dance move, being distracted by fun exercises is a whole lot easier.

My own term :
As I said before I’ll try to play badminton often. I hope I have time to do the whole exercise things. I’m not really good at sports. The only thing I know is badminton. Netball, fail! Volley ball, fail! What else? That’s the only common sports at school rite? Hurmm. But one thing sure, I’m good at creating new dance move! :P

27.   Sing in the shower
Music, like food and sex, activates parts of the brain associated with feel-good sensations, and it calms us down. according to a study, people who listened to their favorite songs after surgery had lower heart rates, indicating that they were more relaxed, despite being in a stressful situation.

My own term :
When I think of this, I remember a song from Various Artists, old song, around 90’s, Nsync, BSB involved, and many more actually. The song goes like this : ‘let the music heal your soul, let the music take control, let the music gives you the power to move any mountain’ ahaa! Can you remember it now? Let me put the link to the video ok? click here! So, let sing together, in a shower or when you feel down, it can be a way to express your feeling, when you’re angry or sad. It can helps releases tension. But don’t overdo it :D

28.   Have a glass of red wine
Red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which is found in grapes. Antioxidants mop up toxins in your body, and this particular one helps keep your arteries clean and pumping well. However, if you go over two standard drinks a day, you could be facing heart, liver, kidney and brain damage. Go easy.
Well, I’m gonna skip the red wine, and let’s have a real fruit juice instead! <3

29.   Sit up straight
A healthy spine position is important, especially given that most headaches originate in your neck, usually as a result of hunching over computer screen. A psychotherapist from says that your eyes should be in the middle of the screen, with elbows, knees and hips at 90 degrees.

My own term :
I always have this problem. Feel pain at the back and neck. It leads to headaches. So the solution is keep elbows, knees and hips 90 degrees! Remind myself not to be too bongkok laaa.. haiyaaa.. I will become hunchback if I’m not careful.

30.   Turn your music down
Since speakers were invented, humans have been getting closer and closer to them. Now we have the technology to actually insert them into our ears via headphones/earphones, and the delicate hair cells in our outer ears are not happy, in fact, they might be going on permanent strike, hearing damage is reversible.

My own term :
I don’t usually always listen to a very loud music. Sometimes is OK. Honestly, I don’t like being in a friend’s car which turn on the song too loud, especially heavy metal’s song. Dah la lagu tu mmg menjerit ditambah lg instrument melampau nye, dikuatkan pula volume nye. We’re talking boys cars now. At the moment I step in, I’ll get headaches “-_-
Biasa kan kite tengok, ade kereta lalu pasang lagu gile kuat (bunyi nye dung dang dung dang!), biase nye lagu disko nih. I wonder how they’ll know if an ambulance needs to go through.
So, keep it low people :D

31.   Throw a party
Social networking has been great to catch up with long-lost friends but study says that we need to remember to take it offline once in a while. “face to face communication produces the hormone oxytocin, which is thought to be the link between social contact and healthy hearts.

My own term :
Throw a party is chillax sessions and makan makan sessions. Will not involve any volume up music. So the party is still healthy :)
And as I said before, I have three pending chillax sessions. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be together and just having fun. Maybe spend an hour or two. Hurmm.. I’ll try harder after this to keep us together, and plus, it’s good for our health too. :P

32.   See the funny side of life
Humour is a coping mechanism that helps us deal with a less than perfect world. So next time you’re getting all flustered because the person in front of you is walking too slowly, imagine  what the scene must look like to an amused bystander.

My own term :
How on earth should I see the funny side life? Life is not a play thing , right? Haha!
Well ok, I’ll try to find the funny side of it. Maybe I can find it when Chot is messing up the house. I will try to see it as funny. Hehe :P I’ll try..

33.   Stop comparing yourself to others.
Constantly sizing your life up against other people’s is a sure path  to Crazytown. There will always be someone ‘better’ than you and there will always be someone ‘worse’ than you. By accepting and making peace with person you are, you’ll shut out a lot of negative self talk and open up your life to good times.

My own term :
Ok this is the most hard. But I promise I’ll try for my own good.
I have to constantly remember, no one is perfect. Semua orang ada kelemahan dan kekurangan. We are equal! They maybe rich, but they might not pretty. They might be pretty, but they might not happy. So fair and square! Everyone has their own specialties. We just not have find it yet :)
Be thankful, again! There’s no limit for being thankful.

Oh, this is the most longest entry ever!
And if you read this till the end, I would like to say thank you very much.
I have nothing to give you back, I’m just happy enough if I know I can share things with you.
Thank you for reading.
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga.
With lots of Lurve,


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