Saturday, 4 June 2011

Selamba Cafe

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera  :D
Remind me untuk siapkan entry bachelor party after this, sbb rakan rakan dah menunggu, haha.
Tapi memandangkan malas nak edit gambar, so nak post entry yang takyah edit gambar dulu. Haha.

So, I’m going to promote this one cozy, delicious, reasonable-price restaurant: D
It called Selamba Café, located at Wangsa Maju Seksyen 5, opened for about a month ago.
Let’s just see the pictures la eh,  :)

You will see the foods keep coming, because me and my nyet we were very hungry and tamak tak ingat dunia. :P

 that's me reading lawak kampus while waiting for the foods :)

 I'm drinking 'jumping queen' its a strawberry flavored, RM3.90

 Chicken Chop! (I personally think it can be improve if they put cheese on it, because I just love cheese, yummeh!) RM9.90

  His choice, Pasta and Selamba Sauce, RM7.80

The meatballs are here, resemblance from IKEA's, come with jam :)  RM8.90

And ouh, here come soup of the day, mushroom soup and garlic bread :D RM2.90

 All the foods gathered! 

 That's me in front of Selamba Cafe! See you next time!

So overall the food was nice, and most important, the price is affordable. I love the fries! I finished all the fries by myself.Sangat kenyang sampai rasa nak meletup perut. :P
Emm about this place, mula mula tau pun sbb tengok Rina Salleh ade mention kat twitter, lepas tu jumpa kat facebook, here's the link : Selamba Cafe Facebook
So,lepas nih boleh la kite selamba ke sana makan2 lepak2 ye :D 

So that's it for lazy Saturday noon :)
Senyum lebar sampai ke telinga, and enjoy great foods :P
With lots of Lurve,



  1. Boleh laa pegi :)
    nak ikut gak..hehehe :P

  2. best best. gila gaban korang makan. habes ka semua tuh? ka korang bawak bf yuna (qie) ;p

  3. wah.... ni cafe pelakon yg cofemate tu kan

  4. lela!nnt bwk la kami mkn2 kt sini..patu amik2 gambar :D

  5. abis arr koq hahaaa.. kate lapor.. :P

    wanie : oh ye ke? hahaha patut muka mcm familiar jek.. hahaha

    yuyu: jommmm!! jommm!!! :)

  6. boleh tahan jugak murahnya
    next time saya dtg kl belanja saya kat sini ye :-p


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