Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Thank You Ice Room! :D

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera :D
Last entry, 11th June? Hurm,its been a while. So, let me tell you what happened while I’m gone.
Me and my nyet, we’re entering this competition held by ice room. The prizes are fantastic! There is weekly prizes and Grand Prize which is RM10,000! For weekly prizes, 1st place, iPad2, 2nd place, iPod touch, and third place, RM300 Ice Room voucher.

To enter this competition, you have to upload a picture of you with the ice cream and a picture of your receipt. The one who has uploaded for the top three most pictures will win. There has been a crazy race! You can visit their Ice Room facebook <- click here, or their Ice Room website <- click here, for more info. Because the competition is still on guys!

So, we have been observing how the game is play for two weeks, and by the third week, we start the race! And luckily, there are not so many contestant that week, so you can see the result on 3rd week here <- and yes, we won the 2nd place and won the iPod touch! Yeayyyy!!
Well iPod touch is a smaller version of iPad2, and it has almost the same function as iPhone but without making call and SMS. :) You can see details here, <-

So we were invited to an event (upacara penyampaian hadiah) at Ice Room Kota Damansara.
There are also other winners from 1st and 2nd week, and also ada Dato’ (owner Ice Room) kot.
Yang best lagi, dapat makan free malam tu, hehehe :P

So, as always, pictures! :D

Gambar dalam pertandingan :)

Inilah Dato' nye

Suasana disana

Nyet receiving iPod touch! yippie!

 Nyet and all winners! Congrats ya'all

 That's me, eating iPod Touch cause its so yummeh! :P

So, itulah die kemenangan kami. Terima kasih ice room, for the prize!
The competition is still running, keep uploading pictures! Mana tau ade rezeki dapat iPad or even better, Grand Prize RM10,000!! 

tapi that night I was sad sbb tak dapat bergambar :(
Tulah lain kali masuk pertandingan patut pakai nama sendiri kan, takpelah kena la bg sokongan kan, (I used to promised in previous entry to be a better girlfriend kan :P)

So, that's all for now, and there's a lot more to come, Insya Allah!
Senyum lebar smpi ke telinga, with lots of Lurve,


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